Keeping Outdoor Windows Clean

3 Adhesive Products Used To Install Windshield Glass

Even without large cracks through your field of vision, abrasions and small chips will eventually necessitate the replacement of your windshield glass. Despite the solid look and feel, a relatively thin layer of adhesive, not tough metal hardware, actually holds the windshield in place. The strongest adhesives are selected to hold up the windshield's 35 pounds of weight while also withstanding wind, snow and other outside forces. The adhesives are so strong that windshield technicians have to use heat and prying strength to remove the glass during the replacement process. Read More 

Moving To A New Home? Six Tips For Childproofing Your Windows And Doors

Moving into a new home is chaotic, but when you're moving with children, there are safety precautions you cannot overlook as you dive into unpacking, reorganizing, and decorating. An important area to focus on is your windows and doors. Are they child-safe? Follow these tips to ensure your child's safety in your new home. Tip #1: Make sure windows lock properly. Walk around the new house, and make sure that each of the windows does, in fact, lock properly. Read More