Caring For Your New Plantation Shutters: What You Need To Know

Interior plantation shutters are a very popular window covering option among today's homeowners. Not only are they effective in blocking out light and adding privacy to any space, but they can help to achieve a desirable rustic or farmhouse look as well. And while plantation shutters are among the most durable window treatment options available, it's important to understand that they'll still require a fair amount of routine maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best.

Dust or Vacuum Regularly

Dust and debris build-up is the worst enemy of the plantation-style shutter. It doesn't take long for debris to accumulate within the thick slats of the shutters themselves. This debris not only detracts from the appearance of the shutters but can eventually affect the smooth operation of the louvers and handles as well. Taking the time to dust or vacuum the shutter slats at least once a week can make all the difference here.

Adjust Louvers as Needed

When your plantation shutters are installed, the louvers will be set by the installer, and they should be tested to ensure smooth operation. If you find that your shutters become increasingly difficult to open or operate, you can easily adjust the louvers yourself using a screwdriver to tighten or loosen the tension screws as needed until you're happy with the operation.

Obtain Touch-Up Paint From the Manufacturer

Over time, it is possible for plantation window shutters to develop small surface scratches over time. If your shutters have been painted, this can be problematic as the scratches become noticeable -- and finding an exact paint match at your local hardware store may be challenging. This is why it's a great idea to order a small amount of touch-up paint directly from the shutter manufacturer at the time you place your order, which will make it easy for you to make touch-ups as needed down the road.

Use the Right Cleaner for the Material

Finally, be careful about the types of cleaners you use on your plantation shutters. For example, you should avoid using any water-based cleaners if you have real wood shutters in your home -- and it's a good idea to spot-test cleaners on any faux wood or other materials before continuing.

Plantation shutters are a great addition to any home, and they can last for many decades when properly cared for. Just be sure to follow these basic maintenance tips to keep yours in working order! For more information, contact a company like Danmer Custom Window Coverings.