Control Your Smart Windows With A Central Hub

The best part about buying modern replacement window fixtures is that they can be so easily automated. Modern window fixtures that have smart automation are more affordable and intuitive than ever. In the past, window automation was expensive, so it wasn't really worth it for most homeowners. That is, why would you spend all this money if you weren't able to actually fully utilize the features? But, the features are now becoming more usable and more affordable for most homeowners. Here are the best modern smart window automation features that are available on residential windows.

Smarter Security Systems

One of the best automated features of modern windows is the integrated security system. They are more advanced, more secure, and better connected with your smart devices.

The most important thing to look for when shopping for an automated security system for your smart windows is a system that has a user-friendly, navigable, and straightforward central hub. The central hub, which you will usually access through an application on your smartphone, tablet, or via the Internet, gives you a bunch of different control options. Obviously, being able to arm and disarm your security system is the most important. You also want to have an easy way to alert law enforcement if necessary.

An Integrated Hub

Many security systems will have hubs that are also integrated so they can't control other aspects of your windows. For instance, if you do have motorized blinds or window sashes, you don't want to have to open a separate app in order to open or close them. Similarly, you want applications that can control your HVAC system. Basically, having a hub that can control multiple automated functions around your home makes it more convenient. You don't want to have to open five different applications just to control basic functions. When this happens, it ends up being easier to just do everything manually.

The aim of investing in automated windows should be to make them easier to operate. But, they can also to increase the efficiency of your home and give your home greater security. For instance, with smart windows, you can control your blinds to reduce heat transfer from the sun or close your windows to retain heat inside your home. Being able to do all this with a simple app on your smartphone is what really makes smart windows worth it.

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