4 Things To Know About Medium Density Fiber Shutters

If you are in the market for new shutters for your home, one of the most popular and common types of material that you will come across while shopping for shutters are medium density fiber or MDF shutters. Here are three things that you need to know about MDF shutters. #1 MDF Shutters Go By Many Names Medium density fiber shutters go by different names depending on who is manufacturing and creating the shutters. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Different Blind And Window Treatments

Buying window treatments for your house is a major decision. Many people wonder what kind of blinds and window treatments would be best for their house so that they can have peace of mind knowing that the ones they chose are the right long-term choice. In order to get the right treatments for you, you need to understand the pros and cons of the different options. Here are some things you need to know. Read More 

Choosing Replacement Windows With Fire Safety In Mind: Tips To Consider

Homeowners replace their windows for a range of reasons, including efficiency, style and safety. If fire safety is one of the top reasons why you are replacing your windows, there are several facts you should keep in mind. Take a look at these tips: 1. Make sure windows provide egress in fires. To be consistent with international building codes, the windows in all bedrooms should also work as exits. To this end, make sure that your windows offer ample space for an adult to climb in or out of them. Read More 

3 Natural, Non-Toxic Tips For Cleaning Your New Windows

From mowing the lawn and cleaning the exterior siding to replacing a loose roofing shingle and shampooing your carpet, it is easy to see the overwhelming nature of home ownership. Fortunately, some tasks offer enormous benefits to your home's appeal and value. While surprising to learn, installing new, energy-efficient windows in your home can offer an estimated 85 percent return on your investment. So window replacement is an upgrade you should consider. Read More 

3 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors offer many advantages to homeowners, from allowing you to keep an eye on your children playing in the back yard to letting in natural light, all the way to providing an extra-wide entryway for bringing in new furniture. If you have a door that's giving you some grief, you need to know if a quick fix will do the trick or a complete replacement is in order. Here are three situations when replacing your sliding door is warranted. Read More