Three Ways To Keep Your Gutters Low Maintenance

Doing regular lawn work can be a boring task. If you are a busy person, you may not like having to give up full days of daylight hours to do all of your lawn work. In order to keep more time for yourself and your hobbies, you should make sure that parts of your yard need little maintenance. For your yard, you can install dwarf grass or clover that you will not have to mow. Your gutters are also one area where you can decrease the personal maintenance. Here are three ways you can make your gutters maintenance free.  

Install a gutter guard

Gutter guards protect the health of your gutters plus provide you with a low maintenance solution for gutter cleaning. Gutter guards install a strainer like top to each of your gutters. This will allow rain, snow, and other moisture to go through the gutter without having too much debris from leaves, sticks, and solid items. This means that dirt will largely stay out of your gutters and the most you will have to check or clean the gutters is once every season or two. 

Use your leaf blower

If you use a blower for leaves, you can use them to help clear out the gutters. The most common way to clean the gutter is to use a ladder and rake the gutter with your hands or a small tool. Instead of having to exert all of this effort, you can use a mechanical leaf blower to blow the leaves and heavy debris from the top of the gutter. Once you blow the leaves to the ground, you can rake these with the rest of the fall out that is in the yard. This will give you two chores of blowing the leaves and raking rather than having to tackle the gutters as a separate chore. 

Use the gutters as the tree line limit

If you have trees that tower over your gutters, you will find that your gutters and roof require more time and effort to clean. To make sure that you do not have to clean gutters on a regular basis, trim tree branches back a foot or two from the gutters. This will make sure that branches and tree foliage don't get near the gutters. WIth a tree line away from the gutters and roof, the leaves can end up on the ground, where it is easier to rake or blow.