3 Different Shower Door Options

If you have a bathtub and shower combination with a precast fiberglass basin, there are many different types of shower doors that you can install. Many home builders will leave the door unfinished, leaving it up to the home buyer to add a shower rod and curtain, a glass door kit, or a custom sliding system. Any of these three solutions could be the right for your shower, but it really depends on your situation. This article compares these three choices.

1. Rod and Curtain Systems

A rod and curtain system is going to be the cheapest option by far. It is the one option that any homeowner can install on their own, and it doesn't require any tools. To some people, rod and curtain systems are the least classy. However, others see them as highly functional, stylish, practical, and easy to care for. Many people love the fact that they can use whatever fabric they want. It is easy to change fabrics when you want an update or color change. In fact, you could even sew your own curtains and have a custom fabric to match with your towels or rugs.

2. Glass Door Kits

Some people prefer to have glass shower doors because of their style and watertight finish. Glass shower doors definitely require more cleaning in order to remove water spots from the glass. However, if you install a sturdy system, it will be reliable, easy to use, and classy. Most kits are pre-fabricated, and they can be installed by homeowners with just a few basic power tools. In general, glass shower doors look more luxurious and valuable.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Glass

The most luxurious option is to have a door that goes all the way to the ceiling. Floor-to-ceiling doors, as they are called, are made out of thick glass, and should only be installed by professionals. Many people like to install floor-to-ceiling glass that has no visible hardware or handles. Basically, it looks wide open, and makes the shower look larger and more inviting. Of course, with more glass, there is more surface area that you need to worry about cleaning.

In the end, your decision for each shower in your home should be based on your budget, and but will look most natural with your home style. You should also think about what will be the best for your children. For more information, contact a company like Beach Glass & Window Company.