How To Do A Thorough Cleaning Job On A Previously Owned Office Building

Did you get a great deal on a previously owned office building because you purchased it as is? If the office building itself is in good shape, but it just needs a thorough cleaning to spiffy it up, here are some ideas to help you get the job done: Make A Thorough Assessment - This is where you need to be really detail oriented.  Consider getting a couple of your coworkers to make the assessment with you. Read More 

Window Cleaning 101: 4 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Mold

Mold is a pesky – and potentially dangerous – problem that affects many homes. While mold is commonly seen growing in dark and damp areas, it can also be found in areas you wouldn't expect. One of the most common areas for mold growth is your windows. Luckily, with a little deep cleaning you can eliminate the problem. So, how should you clean your windows to remove mold? Here are four helpful tips: Read More 

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Windows

If you have vinyl windows installed in your home, the maintenance requirements for this windows are relatively low. However, they do require a little bit of effort in order to take care of them. #1 Clean The Tracks You need to make sure that you keep the window tracks clean. When your window tracks get dirty, it can be harder to open and close your window. Across the bottom of your window tracks there are small holes or openings; these are known as " Read More 

How To Protect Wooden Windows From Rot

If you need new windows in your rustic or old-fashioned home, then the logical choice may be to add wood windows. Wooden windows do have the benefit of offering the best insulation to your home, but the material also can succumb to water damage over time. This can cause rotting concerns and the need for new windows. If you want to prevent this sort of issue, then keep reading to find out how you can keep rot at bay. Read More 

How To Clean And Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

New siding can be expensive, so it's important to care for and maintain it properly to keep it looking like new and to help protect your investment. Maintenance on your siding is not too difficult and can be done yourself. See below for tips to help you clean and maintain your vinyl siding. Cleaning Vinyl Siding What You'll Need: Power washer Vinyl siding cleaner Long-handled scrub brush Ladder Instructions: Read More