3 Different Shower Door Options

If you have a bathtub and shower combination with a precast fiberglass basin, there are many different types of shower doors that you can install. Many home builders will leave the door unfinished, leaving it up to the home buyer to add a shower rod and curtain, a glass door kit, or a custom sliding system. Any of these three solutions could be the right for your shower, but it really depends on your situation. Read More 

Why You Need To Have Your Broken Home Window Replaced Right Away

If you have a broken house window, you might find it tempting to simply cover it with plastic or a board until later when you get around to replacing it. However, it is extremely important to make sure that you are opting for the broken window replacement right away and here's why. You Are Losing Comfortable Air Temperatures  Throughout the year, you spend a lot of money to either heat the air in your home or cool it down during the summer. Read More 

Control Your Smart Windows With A Central Hub

The best part about buying modern replacement window fixtures is that they can be so easily automated. Modern window fixtures that have smart automation are more affordable and intuitive than ever. In the past, window automation was expensive, so it wasn't really worth it for most homeowners. That is, why would you spend all this money if you weren't able to actually fully utilize the features? But, the features are now becoming more usable and more affordable for most homeowners. Read More 

Caring For Your New Plantation Shutters: What You Need To Know

Interior plantation shutters are a very popular window covering option among today's homeowners. Not only are they effective in blocking out light and adding privacy to any space, but they can help to achieve a desirable rustic or farmhouse look as well. And while plantation shutters are among the most durable window treatment options available, it's important to understand that they'll still require a fair amount of routine maintenance to keep them looking and functioning their best. Read More 

3 Reasons To Get Your Company Office’s Windows Tinted

If you own a business, you are likely constantly thinking about ways you can improve your building and work environment for both your employees and any clients that pass through your workspace. If you've taken care of big security features like installing a camera system or alarm and are now looking for additional ways to safeguard your property, it might be time to consider commercial window tinting. Here are three ways your company and employees could benefit by adding some tint to your office's windows. Read More