Don’t Forget About Shutters As A Window Treatment

When it comes to window treatments for a home most people think of blinds, drapes, or curtains. However, an option you should consider is shutters. If you live in a hurricane area of the country you may have hurricane shutters but this article is about shutters inside the house permanently. There are many good reasons to use shutters, and here are just a few.


If you have young children or animals roaming around the house, many window treatments can be dangerous. Blinds have cords that can trap and strangle someone if not careful or if being a curious child. Drapes and curtains that go to the floor can also get wrapped around a child or pet and then have the pole pulled down upon them. However. plantation shutters do not use a cord and are not hanging free waiting to wrap around anyone. 


Shutters provide good insulation for your home. You can shut them tightly to keep the air temperature consistent and comfortable. It is also possible to direct airflow from HVAC vents by adjusting the louvers on the shutters so the air is directed to the inside of the room instead of straight up a wall. Using shutters will decrease your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.


Shutters come in almost any color you want, can be made of many different materials, and can be customized to ensure they fit the feel of the room the same way curtains can. Of course, the typical wooden shutters can look great in any room. If you like, it is possible to have the louvers or sides painted or decaled to match the room's decor too. 


Shutters are easily maintained. No need to take them down to wash them. Simply wipe them down with a cloth regularly. If they manage to become soiled, use a spray cleaner meant for the shutter material and wipe them clean. 


You may be surprised at all the options available for plantation shutters other than color and material. You may choose to have a lock installed to keep people from messing with the way they are set, louver size to better fit the atmosphere and allow in more light, and may even choose to have them motorized so they will open and close on a schedule you set.

If you are moving to a new home or just want a change to the window treatments you currently have, consider plantation shutters. It certainly won't hurt to take a look.