Things To Know Before Having A Bay Window Installed

Bay windows can be an incredible element in a dining room or living room. You get sunlight coming in from multiple angles. You can also stand in the middle of the bay window and enjoy an all-around view of the great outdoors. The process of having a bay window installed, however, can be a little intense and time-consuming. It's worth the time and effort, but there are a few things you should know before the installation process begins.

You can choose how many windows you want in the bay window.

A bay window is a set of windows arranged in a bow or bend. You'll usually see four or five windows in these arrangements, but these are not your only options. You can choose to have just three windows included in your bay window, which works well in smaller spaces. You can also have bay windows designed with six or seven windows, which works well if you're trying to encompass a whole wall or really make a bold statement. Before you decide how many windows you want to include in your bay window, ask your installer to show you images of what your room would look like with various window arrangements. It's easier to choose when you know what the final look will be.

Your contractors will have to make changes to the floor.

Assuming you're getting a floor-to-ceiling bay window, your installers will need to make changes to your floor in order to install the windows. Usually, they will trim the floor down on both sides in order to create that perfect arch for the windows. If you've been thinking of replacing your floor, it may be convenient to do this at the same time that you replace the windows.

Your windows will open.

Picture windows do not open, which might be why some people assume that bay windows also do not open. But bay windows are actually composed of multiple, side-by-side hung windows or casement windows. Each of the hung windows or casement windows will open. As such, you will be able to get airflow and a fresh breeze through the bay window, if desired. Talk to your window contractor about the type of windows they plan on using and how those windows will open.

Now that you know more about bay windows and having them installed, you can go ahead with this project with confidence. Talk to a window installation contractor to learn more.