5 Signs That You Need To Replace Your Interior Doors

There may come a time when you need to seriously consider new doors for the interior of your home. The following are signs that this time has come.

1. Sticking Issues

The doors inside your home should open and close easily. If you have to slam them to get them to stay shut or yank on them to force them open, then it is time to replace the door. Over time a home can settle, which can cause doors to stick. Combine this with aging of the door, as wood can sag, shrink, or swell over time, and the result is interior doors that don't work very well anymore.

2. Sound Reduction

Interior doors used to always be made with a hollow core. This served two purposes. It saved money, since hollow doors are less expensive to produce due to using fewer materials. It also meant that the doors were lightweight and easy to operate inside. Modern technology has come a long way, though. You can now find interior doors that are filled with lightweight, sound-dampening insulation. Although they may cost a bit more than traditional hollow-core doors, they are well worth it if you want a quieter home.

3. Structural Damage

Over time a door can become damaged. Wood will splinter or crack, for example, or veneer and decorative panels may begin to peel or otherwise suffer damage. In some cases, old doors will split around the latch or near the hinges, which can prevent latching or cause the door to hang unevenly. Once damage occurs, the best option is to simply replace the door.

4. Outdated Design

A door can work fine but still need replacement. Design is often the culprit. Old doors can date an entire home, and there is only so much help that paint can provide. Another issue is that many homes are built with builder's grade interior doors -- these are sturdy enough to get the job done, but they are rather plain and boring when it comes to the overall appearance of the door. If you are ready to add some design to the functionality, then it's time for replacements.

5. Functionality Updates

There are different types of interior doors. On a kitchen, for example, you may want to upgrade to swinging pass-through doors to make it easier to cart food out to the dining room. Or, perhaps you want a Dutch-style split door on the laundry room so you can keep the kids out but still monitor what they are up to while doing chores. There are many different functionality styles when it comes to interior doors.

Contact a replacement door service to see the options that are available for your home.