Creative Window Ideas For Attic Renovations

Attic renovations can add valuable space to your home and offer some unique design opportunities because of the angles of ceiling and walls and limited space. No renovation would be complete without a good set of windows for natural light and ventilation – but the right windows can add to your attic's aesthetic, give you sweeping views, and even give you a little extra space.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are typically constructed with tall panes, and have small hinges at the sides where smaller panes can be opened to allow air flow. Since only part of the window actually opens on many designs, the rest is unobstructed glass, which allows for an amazing view. Because attics can get hot easily, awning windows with the hinges at the top can make it easy to let heat out, which gives them a distinct advantage over plain picture windows, which don't open at all.

Witch Windows

Typically found in old homes in Vermont, witch windows are standard sliding windows, but angled so that one side is parallel to the roof. This diagonal look is definitely out of the ordinary, but will net you bonus points for creativity. As a plus, it also allows a full-sized window where it might not otherwise fit. If your attic's wall space is limited – perhaps by an attached garage or lower subsection – a witch window would be a perfect fit.

Expanding Balconies

Your attic's diagonal roof space can be used for all kinds of windows, but an expanding balcony is probably one of the more ingenious uses for it. In its compact state, it looks like a standard picture window, but when expanded, the glass is pushed out and a railing is extended, giving you a balcony complete with temporary roof.  If you're short on space or want a good view you can look out upon, an expanding balcony is an excellent choice. As a bonus, you can also get them for horizontal walls.

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

If you're after natural light and a view, you can't go wrong with floor-to-ceiling windows. These provide both in spades, and look especially good when installed into the angle of a rooftop. But even once you decide to go with this type of window, you have multiple design choices. You can go for a standard window wall that has as few obstructions as possible, or you can go for something more stylistic and look for geometric windows, which combine multiple windows into one larger design. Finally, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could check out cathedral windows for a more gothic look.

Contact a window installation company, like Fischer Window and Door Store, for more information on window options for your space.