3 Things To Know About Glass Railings On Your Deck

If you are planning on remodeling your deck and installing new railings, glass railing is a great choice for your deck. Glass railings can make your deck look more professional, elegant and classy.

Glass Railing Comes in Standard Heights

Glass railing comes in standard heights. Most glass companies sell two different glass railing heights, a shorter railing style and a taller railing style. You can also have a custom height crafted for your deck, although this is a much costlier option.

Glass Railings Can Have a Top Rail or Not

You can choose the way that your glass railings look. There are a few different classic looks that you can go with. The first option is glass that is held in place with a railing on the top and bottom of the glass. For example, you may have wood railings and posts, with glass in between them. The glass can be broken up into sections or it can be in one long, continuous piece.

The second look is more about the glass, with a solid wall of glass making up your railing, with minimal metal railing on the bottom of sides of the glass. With this look, there is no big railing across the top distracting from the look of the glass. This is a cleaner, minimalist look that will work if you are going for a more modern style on your deck or porch.

Glass Railings Color & Look Can Be Customized

Your glass railing doesn't have to look like the glass in your windows at home. It can be customized to create a unique experience. If you don't want others to be able to see through the glass, you can use privacy glass for your porch, which will allow light in while blocking through your railings.

You can also customize the color of your glass. If you want a blue glass railing or a rosy pink railing, that can be arranged for a little extra money. You can also add patterns or textures to the glass as well. These options may cost a little more, but will add more personality to your glass railings.

If you want to upgrade your porch or deck this spring, a glass railing can be a great addition to your deck. You can customize the height, style and color of your glass railing to create a look that reflects your personal style and needs.