Wooden Windows Are Still A Great Choice

The best thing about new windows, like Andersen replacement windows, is that they can make your home more energy efficient. If you live in an old home, your windows are probably leaky and inefficient. Repairing old windows can be a decent temporary fix, but if you want to improve your efficiency in the long run, you should consider repacking our window completely. Most modern homes are being built out of synthetic material like PVC and vinyl. While these materials are easy to keep up, there are still many great reasons to choose natural wood windows. This article explains why wood windows are still a great choice for movable windows, despite the fact that they require a little more TLCs.

Modern Wood Windows Have Metal Cores

Most old wooden windows were 100% wood (except for the glass). Wood does not slide well against itself. And, when wood gets old, it warps and swells, making wooden windows very clunky and hard to operate. Basically, it is not a good material for sliding windows. This is why most modern wooden windows have metal cores in the sashes and frames. The metal is mostly hidden because the wood cap covers the frame and sash. In fact, when the windows are closed, you cannot see any metal.

The metal core as prevents warping and enables the windows to last longer. Importantly, if the wood cap on your windows does get damaged somehow, it can be replaced without changing the window completely. That is, you can keep the metal frame and just remove the wood cap and install a new style. This is also something that some homeowners will do just when they want to change their wood style.

The Exposed Wood Does Need Some Care

Of course, wood is still going to need some care over the years. Wood is susceptible to water damage, so the exterior of the sash will need more maintenance over the years.

Wood is the Most Stylish

Even though modern wooden windows need a little more upkeep, wood is usually considered the be the most stylish window material. Of course, this is a matter of personal opinion, but the natural style of wood can look great on any home. It is a material that seems to blend in better in most home styles because there are so many elements on the inside and outside of most houses that are made out of wood.

Wood is definitely a material that you should consider for your window replacement.