Why You Should Select Wood Replacement Windows For Your Home

New windows can provide your home with several immediate benefits. Not only will they increase your home's resale value, but they will help your home be more energy efficient. That's why it is always a good investment to upgrade your windows if the old ones have drafts and look old. As for what window type to go with, consider going with wood for the following reasons. 

Wood Windows Are Weather Resistant

One of the great things about wood windows is that they are capable of withstanding various outdoor weather conditions. The material used for wood windows, such as pine and teak, are both termite resistant and waterproof.

Keep in mind that all types of wood still need to be treated to be fully waterproof, which can be done by applying a stain or paint coat to the wood. This needs to be done every couple years when the protective layer has started to wear away, but thankfully, the maintenance doesn't take much time at all to do.

Wood Windows Look Stylish

Homeowners tend to be drawn to wood because it has better style than competing synthetic materials. You'll even see material made out of vinyl that is designed to simulate the look of wood from a distance. Unfortunately, those simulated materials cannot replicate wood so that it looks like the real thing when you are up close to the real material. Wood windows simply look stylish and have charm to them, which other materials can look flat and uninviting.

Wood Windows Can Be Customized

While wood does require regular staining or painting to keep them looking great, realize that this is a time that you can customize the look of your windows in your home. You can quite easily change the color so that they match a new interior color that you have painted the walls, or just paint the windows to act as a new accent color to brighten up a room.

If you're never quite satisfied with the colors used in your home and want to change it up, know that you'll be stuck with the color you selected for vinyl windows. Wood is the only material that gives you great flexibility when it comes to color.

Wondering about additional benefits of wood windows? Real out to a local window contractor for more information. They can provide you with more information and a price quote for a professional window installation.