How To Do A Thorough Cleaning Job On A Previously Owned Office Building

Did you get a great deal on a previously owned office building because you purchased it as is? If the office building itself is in good shape, but it just needs a thorough cleaning to spiffy it up, here are some ideas to help you get the job done:

Make A Thorough Assessment - This is where you need to be really detail oriented. 

  • Consider getting a couple of your coworkers to make the assessment with you. They may find things that you have overlooked.
  • For example, upon closer inspection, you and your coworkers might discover that what looked like a good paint job on the walls is actually already beginning to deteriorate.
  • Make a list of incomplete things that have to be thoroughly cleaned and/or repaired. Don't forget things like brass door knobs, ceiling fans, and light fixtures.
  • Write on the calendar which days you will be cleaning the office building so that you won't schedule anything else on those days. Decide on a target date for having everything on your to-do list accomplished.

Bring In Professionals - While you and your coworkers might be able to clean a lot of the things in your office building, be realistic about the things that require professional workers:

  • For example, hiring a commercial window cleaning service may be at the top of your list of professionals to hire. You might be surprised at how affordable the service is. 
  • A commercial service will provide workers who are trained to clean hard-to-reach windows in a safe way. 
  • If you have hardwood floors that look old, consider hiring professionals to make them look like new. 
  • Do you have tile in your office building? If so, think about hiring professionals to clean the tile and the grout between the tiles. Your tile floors will look like new.

Keep the contact information for the professionals who do things like window cleaning and floor cleaning so you can reach them when you need them again. Another consideration is to set up a schedule where they return periodically to do the cleaning every month, every other month or at other intervals that work well for you. If you are hiring a service to do routine cleaning in your office building, be specific about the jobs you want the cleaners to do. If you and your coworkers will be doing some of the cleaning yourselves, think of establishing an understanding that the office isn't closed for the day until everything looks nice and clean.