Window Cleaning 101: 4 Helpful Tips For Dealing With Mold

Mold is a pesky – and potentially dangerous – problem that affects many homes. While mold is commonly seen growing in dark and damp areas, it can also be found in areas you wouldn't expect. One of the most common areas for mold growth is your windows. Luckily, with a little deep cleaning you can eliminate the problem.

So, how should you clean your windows to remove mold? Here are four helpful tips:

1. Keep Windows Open

While you are cleaning your windows to eliminate mold, make sure that you keep your windows open. Mold is dangerous and do not want to be breathing in the particles. Additionally, you need to ensure that the area dries quickly and thoroughly so that it doesn't grow back. So when cleaning your windows and sills, make sure you keep the windows open. If there is no breeze, consider using some fans. The fans will help circulate the air, which will help the area dry faster.

2. Protect Your Home and Yourself

Another helpful tip is to take some precautions to protect your home and yourself. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you lay out an old tarp or sheet – or anything you won't mind discarding later. This will help to protect your floors from mold, dirt, and debris that may fall.

Additionally, make sure that you wear some protective gear to keep you safe. Ideally, you'll wear some thick rubber gloves and protective goggles. For added protection, consider wearing a rubber apron. You might also want to wear a mask, which will help ensure you don't breathe in any of the harmful mold spores.

3. Spritz With Water

While you might think that you should start your cleaning efforts by simply scrubbing, you shouldn't. Scrubbing dry mold is a bad idea, as it can easily release spores into the air. To help prevent this issue, spritz the area with water first. This will weigh down the mold and its spores, so that you can clean the area without worrying too much about mold spores.

4. Choose Your Cleaner

Finally, take some time to choose the clean you'll use. There are a wide variety of products that remove mold well. You can use a specialized mold cleaner that you purchase at the store, if you desire. Alternatively, you could use bleach or white vinegar. All work well at removing standard mold.

Removing the mold from your windows is very important. It will help keep your home safer and healthier. It will also make your windows look much better. If you do not want to tackle this task yourself, don't worry. You can hire a professional window cleaner like Exclusive Window Cleaning to both clean your windows and treat your mold problems.