3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Vinyl Windows

If you have vinyl windows installed in your home, the maintenance requirements for this windows are relatively low. However, they do require a little bit of effort in order to take care of them.

#1 Clean The Tracks

You need to make sure that you keep the window tracks clean. When your window tracks get dirty, it can be harder to open and close your window.

Across the bottom of your window tracks there are small holes or openings; these are known as "weep holes." The purpose of these holes is to allow water that gets into your window tracks to drain outside if rainfall gets into your window.

To clean the window track and weep holes, pour hot water down the holes. This should flush away any dirt and debris that is blocking the holes or stuck inside of your window still. Then, use a wet wipe or damp towel to wipe down the rest of the visible track.

#2 Clean The Window Frame

For the rest of your window frame, you just need to wipe it down occasionally to get rid of dust and dirt. To do that, just use a little bit of mild dish soap combined with some water. You can use a rag to clean it up or you can use a soft brush if there is some dirt stuck to your window frame.

Avoid any cleaner that has a petroleum base such as solvents, polishes and removers. Also, avoid any cleaners that contain chlorine bleach. Both chlorine bleach and petroleum based cleaning products can cause damage to your vinyl window frame, especially if they are used repeatedly on the window frame.

#3 Check The Caulking

A couple of times a year, check the caulking around the inside and outside of your window. Window caulking can easily get worn out over time, and generally needs to be replaced every few years. If the caulking looks worn out or loose, purchase some new window caulking and apply it around your windows. This will help cut down on any drafts that try to make their way around your windows and into your homes.

#4 Washing The Glass

Finally, you should wash the glass in your windows with traditional or homemade glass cleaners. You can use paper towels, microfiber clothes or newspaper to clean your window glass.

Don't try to clean your windows with a pressure washer. A pressure washer can easily damage you window frame and the glass in your window. If you really want to quickly wash your windows, use a spray attachment on your garden hose. That does not produce enough pressure to damage your window frame and glass. For more information, talk to a professional like Gallagher Bros. Inc.