How To Clean And Maintain Your Vinyl Siding

New siding can be expensive, so it's important to care for and maintain it properly to keep it looking like new and to help protect your investment. Maintenance on your siding is not too difficult and can be done yourself. See below for tips to help you clean and maintain your vinyl siding.

Cleaning Vinyl Siding

What You'll Need:

  • Power washer
  • Vinyl siding cleaner
  • Long-handled scrub brush
  • Ladder


  1. Use the power washer to spray down your house to help remove dirt and other debris. Spray starting at the top and working your way down to the bottom of the house. Be sure not to spray up at your siding, as you can get water behind your siding which can cause mold to grow. Work your way around your home until you have sprayed our entire house.
  2. Allow the siding to dry, then take a look around your home. If you have any noticeable spots that look to be stained from dirt or mold, you can use a vinyl siding cleaner and a scrub brush to clean the area. Be sure to test the cleaner in a small inconspicuous area first to be sure it doesn't damage your siding.

Maintaining Your Siding

Maintenance on your siding involves cleaning it (instructions above), as well as making any repairs to your siding, such as repairing cracks or holes in your vinyl. Leaving holes in your siding can allow water to get in behind your siding, giving mold or even small animals a home - neither of which you will want.

  • Repair cracked pieces of vinyl using clear silicone. Smooth the silicone out with your finger, then allow the silicone to dry.
  • For small holes in your siding, cut a piece of leftover vinyl siding about an inch larger than your hole. Apply caulk to the siding patch, then press it firmly over the hole. Apply silicone around the patch to keep it in place and to prevent water from getting behind the patch. Smooth the silicone out with your finger.
  • For larger holes, you'll need to cut a patch that includes the lap and piece below. Apply caulk to the back and silicone around the edges as listed above.

Cleaning and maintaining your siding helps protect your investment, adds curb appeal to your home and can lengthen the life of your vinyl siding. If your siding is in bad shape, contact a siding professional for an estimate to have new siding installed. For more information, contact a business such as Custom View Exteriors.