4 Things To Know About Medium Density Fiber Shutters

If you are in the market for new shutters for your home, one of the most popular and common types of material that you will come across while shopping for shutters are medium density fiber or MDF shutters. Here are three things that you need to know about MDF shutters.

#1 MDF Shutters Go By Many Names

Medium density fiber shutters go by different names depending on who is manufacturing and creating the shutters. Some manufactures refer to MDF shutters as either hybrid shutters or composite shutters. Regardless of the name, all MDF/hybrid or composite shutters are made from a base of sawdust that has been mixed together with glue and formed into the shape of a shutter. The base of the shutter, made out of sawdust and glue, is then covered with some type of coating.

#2 MDF Shutters Are Affordable

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing MDF shutters it that they tend to be very affordably priced. If you are in need of some sort of shutter system, these will not break the bank for you and will also provide you with some degree of protection against storms. MDF shutters, depending on what they are coating with, can look more expensive than they really are. Depending on the coating used on the shutter, it could look like a vinyl shutter or a high-grade wood shutter, at a fraction of the cost.

#3 MDF Shutters Don't Stand Up To Water Well

One of the biggest downsides to MDF shutters is that they don't stand up to water exposure well. Over the years, continuous exposure to water can cause the material inside of the shutter to swell, which will result in the outside coating or finishing peeling.

#4 MDF Shutters Work Best In The Short-Term

Ideally, MDF shutters work best in the short term. They are great shutters to put on your home for a decade or so; however, over time, the material inside of the shutters tends to sag and the integrity of the shutters becomes compromised. When this happens, the material becomes brittle and will not be able to withstand the impact of debris from a strong storm.

MDF shutters are a great, affordable way to dress up your home and get protection from strong winds and flying debris from storms. You will get the longest life out of your MDF shutters if you stain them and keep them clean and dry, and replace them after their usable life has been reached.