Changing It Up With A Garden Window Replacement For Your Kitchen

If you are considering a window replacement for your kitchen, why not consider something unique and airy? A custom-made garden window is a smart option for the look and feel of an indoor garden, even during the coldest winter months. Whether you need a bright and sunny spot to house a few plants, or you simply want more room for a few knick-knacks, a garden window is worth considering.

What is a Garden Window?

A garden window offers more versatility than a standard window, as it often includes glass shelves on the window sill and four glass panels. This provides you with more sunlight for keeping potted plants and flowers. It also offers more ventilation for your kitchen, as you may have two or more glass panels that open. When opened, the garden window will extend outward toward your patio garden, the yard or other area where trees, flowers and plants are grown.

As an alternative to glass, you may choose a vinyl garden window. The interior window is typically made of laminate material in your choice of color. This allows you to coordinate with your existing decor, without the need to finish or paint your windows.

How Might You Benefit From a Garden Window?

In addition to providing a sunny spot for houseplants, there are several other reasons you might want to consider a garden window as a replacement for your current design. Here are a few reasons to install a garden window in your kitchen:

  • Raise the Humidity in Your Home Naturally: Are you experiencing dry skin during the winter? Do you experience static cling in your laundry or static electricity when you brush your hair? Do you ever awake feeling congested or experience minor nosebleeds? All of these occurrences may be due to dry air in your home, especially during the winter when central heating over-dries the air.

    A garden window may help you raise the humidity levels in your home naturally with the placement of houseplants on the shelves. More plants in your home will create additional oxygen and raise humidity. This may eliminate the need for humidifiers, which can be costly and require routine maintenance.

  • Insulate Your Home for Better Energy Efficiency: Custom-made garden windows offer good insulation by helping to keep heated or cool air inside your kitchen. As a result, your energy bills may be reduced. Choose vinyl materials for the best thermal protection.

  • Block Harmful Ultraviolet Rays: When having your garden window custom created, you will have the option of installing filtered glass. This will prevent the ultraviolet (UV) rays from causing damage. As you may be aware, exposure to ultraviolet  rays are a contributing factor to skin cancer. In addition, UV rays may cause fading to your curtains and deterioration to your furniture and wood objects.

  • Make a Small Kitchen Appear Larger: Do you wish to make your small kitchen appear larger? A garden window allows light to filter in, while its open-air appearance and box-like composition offer the look and feel of a more spacious area.

  • Grow Herbs and Veggies Indoors: A kitchen garden window may provide the sunlight you need to grow fresh garden herbs and lettuce right in your kitchen for convenience where you need it.

What Should You Consider When Installing a Garden Window?

Most importantly, you should consider the size of your existing window opening. If the opening is not large enough to accommodate the outward projection of the garden window, further reconstruction may be necessary. Consider the expense of hiring a contractor for the necessary modifications. However, if your existing window opening will accommodate the new garden window, all that may be needed is a mounting frame for the outside structure.

A few more details to consider: When custom creating your garden window, ask for a sloped roof design. This will allow for better drainage. Additionally, you might request the installation of channels on the top and bottom to keep the interior dry. Also, for easy operation, be sure the hand crank mechanism and hardware locks smoothly.

For more information about this and other window replacement options, contact a local window installation company.